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Greetings from Pahrump, Nevada.

My name is Thomas Farley and I am a freelance writer and editor. For the last five years I have done contract work part-time for InFocus Web Marketing of Vancouver. Writing, revising, and editing. My work there continues.

While I would like to provide links to my writing and editing at InFocus, I cannot do anything to disclose our client list. Since all of our writing passes Copyscape, entering a sentence or two of our writing into Google’ search engine would immediately pull up a client’s page. I am open to your suggestions.

During the five years I have worked for InFocus I have written a number of magazine articles, newspaper articles, online articles, and completed a book contract. I am a Contributor at Large for Rock&Gem Magazine and I am now seeking additional writing assignments.

Thomas Farley
5521 Doubletree Road
Pahrump, Nevada USA 89061

+1 (702) 600-4637