Video Work for Writing

Promoting a day trip to a local hiking trail, while having some fun producing it. The caption text reads,

We were going to show you the beautiful trail at the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve with Google Earth but we had some problems. We started off on the trail, sort of, haltingly, but then got tossed into the air and into a weird wireframe world. We tried to get back to earth but only managed to find ourselves flying over canyon country. Maybe it would be a lot easier if you just saw it in person!

The preserve is a San Diego park. “Los Peñasquitos (meaning little cliffs) Canyon Preserve lies between Rancho Peñasquitos and Sorrento Hills to the north and Mira Mesa to the south. It stretches approximately 7 miles from the Interstates 5 and 805 merge to just east of Interstate 15.”

Facebook post to suggest an out of town trip. Slanted toward motorcyclists because the owner rides.

Facebook post to promote a local event in the firm’s area.

Independent Video Documentaries

I have been making many simple videos to document areas that Wikpedia has little material on. I have released every video and photograph into the public domain. This is an example.

I’ve also done numerous videos on hobbies and interests. I am a licensed amateur radio operator and  deal with different communications projects. This is one of seven videos I have done on Globalstar’s SatFI-2, a satellite terminal for your smart phone when beyond cellular coverage.