Outdoor California

Outdoor California was a publication of California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. It rivaled Audubon Magazine with its photography. I did not take the photographs for the two articles I wrote for its September – October, 2017 issue.

My two articles were High Water Legacy and A Bypass by Any Other Name


Outdoor_CA_08-09-2017 (pdf.) High Water Legacy


Outdoor CA  08–09-2017 (pdf.) A Bypass by Any Other Name


In the March – April 2018 issue of Outdoor California I did take all of the photographs for my article. The editor made some into a double page layout and a photo for the table of contents. The article was entitled Middle of Nowhere. I reduced the image quality in this .pdf to make it faster loading.


Outdoor-CA-March-April-20188 (.pdf) Middle of Nowhere