I’ve written how a writer should understand SEO fundamentals without describing what I know. That’s because I am extremely uncomfortable disclosing what practices my company uses. I am looking for additional work right now but my part-time employment for InFocus continues.

Practical SEO techniques are often developed by companies at their own expense after much research and perhaps months of testing. A client does not get ranked tomorrow. Giving that information away to appeal to another employer is unacceptable.

Also, I am only on the edge of SEO, not a team member assigned to it exclusively. I am not a metrics expert that can tell you about, say, organic growth, rather, I know something about how to write a page for SEO. I lightly optimized this post; if you can tell what is happening we can certainly talk.

In any case, if a future employer required SEO, I would need the resources I have now, chiefly, access to an ahrefs account. Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels.