Rock & Gem

Rock & Gem magazine is the only publication that touches on all aspects of the rock, gem, and mineral trade. It’s been a while since I penned an article for them, however, I did provide social media coverage for Rock & Gem at Quartzsite this year. I’m considered a Contributor at Large and I regularly check in with the managing editor, Antoinette Rahn.

January, 2016: A Nevada Turquoise Adventure ↓

RocknGem-January-2016 (.pdf)


May, 2016: Goldfield’s Gems ↓

RocknGem-May-2016 (.pdf)


August, 2016: Garnet Hill, Nevada ↓

RocknGem-August-2016 (.pdf)


March, 2017: The Meaning of Mariposite: Get to Know This Green Muscovite Mineral ↓

RocknGem-March-2017 (.pdf)


April, 2017: The Quartzsite Show: Rockhounds Gather in the Arizona desert ↓

RocknGem-April-2017 (.pdf)


March, 2020: R & G Community Outlook ↓

RocknGem-March-2020 (.pdf)